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March 03 2017 0Comment


PLANNING GUIDELINE Furniture layout of a bedroom needs to be set in such distances where all arrangements will give more ground space. If bedroom size is big than go for ground divisions like after your sleeping bed what u need in your bedroom like library, study table, TV unit wall panel & cabinets. Also you [...]
October 29 2016 0Comment

What makes interior designing consulting different

When an interior designer is appointed on to consult about an office of home design, very first thing comes in a picture how will he design? So my concernment for all those who really desire to beautify their office or home is “ Keep calm & trust your Interior designer.” Interior designing is not a […]

What to consider before appointing an Interior Designer

While appointing your interior designer some tips needs to be followed by clients 1. Interior Designers professional terms 2. Interior designers completed portfolio 3. Interior designers experience while he gives idea & first impression 4. Interior designers attitude & behavior 5. Interior designers existing client record( This defines his actual image whether he is just […]

October 21 2016 0Comment

Old Furniture Restoration

Regarding restoration of any old antique monuments the proper surveys & advance level preparation is required. Professionals must understand the value of that place & necessity to keep that old look. It is a part of culture & civilization to keep maintaining the old monuments for future. Now read some tips for those who want […]

October 21 2016 0Comment

4 Season Color Analysis

WINTER ,SUMMER, AUTUMN & SPRING It may be a bit tricky when you have a mix of light and dark. In that case the most dominant character will determine the type of place & walls needs to be colorized. Will have great solution for this “seasonal type” color , keep reading and find we match […]

October 21 2016 0Comment

Black-and-White Interiors

Well as a designer I feel black & white was in vintage & now converted in contemporary forms of best interior works. Some of the world famous designed portfolio came only in this two colored objects. An aesthetically it sets great combination while we think about Black & White colored interior. Think about Dark grey […]