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An Interior Designer’s Guide To Creating A Kid-Friendly Living Room

Your living room is the busiest in your house. It is where you host your guests, have fun with family and friends, or enjoy a quiet evening cup of tea. As a result, living room décor is dreamy and vivid, thus helping you make a spectacular first impression on your guests.

When children enter the picture, however, a family’s priorities shift dramatically. When it comes to building a kid-friendly living room, safety is the biggest concern. Homeowners are left with few options as a result of the switch. Hence, our interior designers in Thane have prepared a few utilitarian yet aesthetically pleasing suggestions for your child-friendly living room.

Take a look at our cost-effective yet functional alternatives for creating a kid-friendly living area for your growing family.

Say no to sharp-edged furniture.

The first responsibility of any parent is to provide a safe environment for their children, and the simplest way to do so is to choose safe furniture. Sharp edges on furniture might injure your child when they wander. Instead, choose round tables with curved corners. They not only provide a smooth appearance, but they are also safer to use if you live with children.

Choose softer fabric for upholstery.

Another adjustment will be selecting fabric upholstery. Kids not only lounge on living room furniture, but they also eat, do their homework, and sleep on it. As a result, the clothing should be soft and comfortable. In addition, make sure to invest in low-cost upholstery material so that you can change it every few years if necessary. You might also choose a heavy-duty, endurance fabric that will wear the damage like a medal.

Hide the wires

Interior designers in Thane recommend concealing wiring in your home and avoiding any dangling wires, particularly if you have a small child. Avoid floor lamps because they are within easy reach of your child and can be dangerous in households with children. Instead, choose wall-mounted light fittings and wall chandeliers.

Children’s open layouts

Large open spaces that blend into one another are ideal for children. The huge open areas invite exploration and unrestricted play. You can also incorporate large windows and sliding doors into one continuous area. This gives youngsters plenty of room to run around and use furnishings.

Make it colourful while remaining environmentally responsible.

Colour is a terrific way to make a place feel warm and welcoming, whether it’s a coat of paint, living room furnishings, or a colour-coordinated bookcase. Colours use light energy to alter biological functioning, the mind, and emotions. Colours not only brighten environments, but also boost your child’s vitality, productivity, and creativity.

You can make the most of your space and keep the kids happy by following these kid-friendly living room design ideas. Hopefully, now you have enough information to thoughtfully design your living room. If you aspire to learn more about kid-friendly living rooms or want to hire an interior designer in Thane to help you create an ideal home decor, contact Art of Life & Art of Interior Design today for a free consultation.


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