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February 27 2020 0Comment

Before and after Interior Decoration Ideas

Exquisite before and after Interior Decoration Ideas by Best Interior Designer for Home Remodelling An exotic home is something that can surely enrich your mood. Your ambience a surrounding lay a lot of impact on one’s mood and certainly speaks volume about the place This transformation is well noticed in the interior designs of Mumbai [...]
January 18 2020 0Comment
best residential interior designers in Mumbai

Interior Designer for Home

CUSTOMIZE INTERIOR DETAILS FOR ALL DIFFERENT LOOKS Getting a great interior design decoration for your home can be a difficult task especially when it comes to customizing the details. You might have been looking for the perfect piece to complement a particular design but settled on something else that wasn't what you required. This might [...]
November 30 2019 0Comment
Residential Interior Designer in Panvel

Mumbai’s Best Apartment Designs by Rajveer Sharma – The Best Residential Interior Designers in Mumbai

Situated near the coast, Mumbai is one name, which is hardly oblivious to the world. Anointed the city of dreams, it gracefully welcomes people from across the country and globe to come to explore the innumerable arena of possibilities it lays across. This richness and versatility of the city are well exuded in its residential [...]
November 14 2019 0Comment
best residential interior designers in Mumbai

Hi Trends of Modern Interior

Get best Hi Trends of Modern Interior with Modern Interior Designers in Mumbai Mumbai, the city which is known to make dreams come true, is a charm in itself. This cosmopolitan city where we find people coming from different places of the globe witnesses the perfect exchange of ideas and styles. Thus, it eludes out [...]

Home Décor and Artifacts

Role of Home Décor and Artefacts in Interior Designing Mumbai is known for its class and pomp. One cannot deny that the very spirit and generosity is contagious. Furthermore, this can be well witnessed in the interiors and designing of places right from houses to that of commercial outlets. Each place splurges out a part [...]


Colors play an integral role in connecting our brain waves. It is known to impact our mood as well as aid to channelize our energies. So if you are seeing a lot of red and orange in your bedroom and feeling blue about your restroom, then it surely has a deeper inclination with the interior [...]
July 03 2019 0Comment

Color therapy for home & office

Home Interior Designers in Mumbai It is a known fact that interior designing aesthetically improves the décor of your space but it is also possible to bring healing effects and positive energies into your space through color therapy. The level of stress is increasing in our lives for various reasons and we have to depend [...]
June 29 2019 0Comment

Home Decor & Artifacts – Best Interior Designers

Interior designing has progressed vastly in recent times and it is no longer about painting walls and using artistic furniture and fixtures. It is the time of using more realistic designs and items that add life to the décor of any space. Top interior designers in Mumbai like Delecon Design Company believe in making the [...]