Hospitality Design Tips


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We understand the demand of those client’s who really want to run a proper profitable Hotel or Restaurant. Having to say this, the fact is the hotels require catchy designs than the restaurants.The hotels want to look attractive to the new people who might be strangers, tourists and travelers. The hotel gives more importance and needs reputation also. They are looking the rates and service charges for per day. The interior of hotels should be designed in such way that it will reflect the essence of town or city in which it is situated. The all kinds of food offered in the hotels also influence with the interior designs. For example, if it is a hotel offering cuisines belong to foreign country, the interior and decor should represent the strength of that country. The tables and chairs arrangement in hotels must be very unique. The way of arrangement will also attract the people. The interior walls should be nicely painted and some pictures related to various cuisines will surely help the hotels to get more customers.

Now let’s discuss something about Bar & Restaurant. The exterior of a bar or restaurant is what first brings a customer in, but the interior is what keeps them coming back. If your customers feel under-whelmed by your decor, they might not return. Customers want to feel comfortable inside and have an experience they can’t find anywhere else. If you run a bar or restaurant, you need some type of entertainment for your customer base. This can be as simple as adding a jukebox. If you have more space, create one large entertainment room or area. You can add some play area like pool tables, arcade games. We can also run some theme of shapes & some artifacts to create more attraction in designs.

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