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Differences in wallpaper & wall paint

Choosing between wall paint and wall paper is a tough decision. However, it is a crucial part to tell the best interior designers in Mumbai who take over your home design.

Wallpaper and wall paint

There has been a change in how people perceive their homes. The best residential interior designer understands this.

Modern homeowners are creative and open to new ideas. Wall paints were highly common. However, the new trend of wallpapers was also liked by many. There is thus an ongoing debate on which is better. It is important to know your personal preferences and then make an informed decision for the residential interior designer to implement.

Interior Wall PaintWall paint

Let us first discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wall painting


It is highly versatile. You can choose several colours and define your finish. The interior designer can create styles that are unique to your taste.

It is budget-friendly and more affordable than wallpapers

If the interior designers in India are using paint of high quality then you can also easily maintain and clean it. This is especially useful in areas that are high-traffic. It is easy for the best residential interior designer to apply the wall paint. You can thus get your walls ready within a few days.

Home InteriorCons

The best interior designers in Mumbai cannot experiment with a lot of textures. Painted walls can fade, chip and peel with time, It is time-consuming if the interior designers in India have to prep your wall. There is a need to clean, sand and prime it.

Home wallpaperWallpapers

Let us now understand the benefits and drawbacks of using wallpaper.


Wallpapers are much more durable than paints. These can last several years and do not chip or peel off.

The interior designer in Mumbai can choose from various textures here. There are several finishes and patterns that can create a visual depth. This is something that paint cannot create

The best interior designers in India can use wallpapers to hide any imperfections in your room. So if there are cracks or any uneven surface just place the wallpaper over it

The process is challenging but it is easy to apply the wallpaper


Wallpapers are expensive. If you are looking for a designer or high-quality one then be ready to pay a good amount to the best interior designers in India

The residential interior designer cannot go very creative with wallpapers. These do have textures and patterns but they cannot be tweaked at all times to match your taste

It is difficult to clean wallpaper. You need to be extra careful or you will damage the wallpaper put by the residential interior designer

When you want to remove and change the wallpaper then there can be a real challenge. It is really difficult to remove wallpaper


While a lot depends on what your personal preference is, here is an in-depth analysis of wall paints and wallpapers. There is a budget and your needs that should be considered. For affordability and versatility pick up wall paints. If you are looking for texture and durability then wallpaper is an option. So understand the advantages and disadvantages of each choice and make an informed decision. When in doubt your interior designer in Mumbai can assist you with the same.


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