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Art of Life and Art of Interior Design

Top 5 Interior Design Tips From Experts For Your New Home

Your interior design says a lot about your lifestyle and personality, which is why you should put a lot of effort, time, and money into it. Many people keep updating the appearance of their homes now and then for a fresh look and feel. However, your home’s basic interior design remains the same, which means it must be flawless. If you’ve moved into a new house or have been searching all over the web for the ‘best interior designers in Mumbai’, keep reading to learn the top 5 tips that will help transform the look of your home.
Appropriate Lighting
Proper lighting is an excellent way to create a bright and positive atmosphere in your home. You can brighten up the space by adding lights to the back panels, false ceilings, and walls without sacrificing floor space. Also, when choosing your lights, make sure you use the right colors to enhance the warmth and beauty of your interior.

Minimal Décor
Experienced interior designers in Mumbai will agree that less is more. So, keep your home decor minimal. Excessive home décor will only make your home look shabby and cluttered. Simple yet elegant decor gives your home a more elegant and cozy appearance.

Comfortable Furnishings
Nothing beats comfort, so when it comes to furnishings, invest in those that are comfortable. Because the market offers such a diverse range of furnishings, it is essential to carry out quick research. The Art of Life & Art of Interior Design can put you in touch with the best interior designers in Mumbai. Furthermore, check the durability of the furniture you are considering purchasing and maintain it regularly.

Modular Setups
Modular kitchens and furniture arrangements can help you save a lot of space. If you plan your storage areas and invest in modular setups, you will have plenty of space for decorative items that will improve the aesthetics of your home. To begin with, wall cabinets, storage beds, or folding furniture are ideal.

Subtle Colors
The colors you use make a big difference, so choose wisely. It should not only reflect your style but should also complement the existing decor. You can always choose subtle colors to make your home appear more luxurious and airy. Pastel colors are always a good choice. If you choose darker colors, make sure to involve interior designers in the process for better ideas.

Feel Free To Express Yourself
Your home is your haven, and you’ve surely envisioned it numerous times. This is the place you return to after a long working day, hence, it should be relaxing. Feel free to express yourself, just make sure your style is consistent. Choose your style, research it, and use it consistently in all rooms to create a welcoming, pleasant atmosphere that is similar to yours.

Final Words
Hopefully, these expert recommendations will help you make the best decision. Always keep in mind that beauty without functionality is a waste of money. As a result, seeking expert advice from Art of Life & Art of Interior Design’s interior designers in Mumbai can be extremely beneficial in the long run. Allow your home to radiate the energy you are so proud of.


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