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Furniture layout of a bedroom needs to be set in such distances where all arrangements will give more ground space. If bedroom size is big than go for ground divisions like after your sleeping bed what u need in your bedroom like library, study table, TV unit wall panel & cabinets. Also you can plan for some sitting if space is left. On the other hand for small bedroom & maintaining its high aesthetical looks we can trim down the most unnecessarily loaded things in bedrooms like extra cabinets ,dressing & wall panels. Giving cozy looks to your bedrooms is an essential part rather than loading with lot of stuff in a particular room area.


I am Interior Designer Rajveer Sharma & since my last 14 years in the field I realizes ceiling is not very much essential part of design. Sometimes I recommend plain design rather than adding ceiling design. My special need is only to set a line of indirect light if I would prefer ceiling in bedrooms. Yes but story can be completely changes if we are working with concept of ceiling designs for a particular bedroom design. I specially recommend go for some hanging lights at one corner of room & place 2 or 3 wall bracket light for making your bedroom sweet & cozy. Use mirror as a display part of bedroom. I am sure you will have results.


Again a question creates in mind while designing a bedroom what to put on floor? Flooring is a part which is again not highly visual in a particular bedroom. Yes but if you put wooden flooring than definition will be changed. Go for any wood shade light or dark it always looks cool on floor.


With my experience never match wall & furniture color as design is merged to wall & furniture design can’t come in picture. Color combination for walls will be always light in front of dark furniture. Go for lighter shade color whatever you like to pant on walls of your bedrooms.


Designer fabrics & furnishings are the essential part of bedroom designs. Create a combo of bed stunner & a nice small floral design bed sheet in darker tones with warm light presentations. Play some silky cushion colors for more warm looks in bedrooms. Selection of curtain will be best design with the color tone of your furniture on wall. I would recommend if blinds & fall curtain both depends on the size of bedroom.


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