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Daily Lifestyle Needs With Home Interiors

Well, you must have definitely heard this – Home is not a place, it’s a feeling. Isn’t it a beautiful expression? And so true too!

No doubt your home is an expression of your lifestyle and a place where you are the most comfortable. So, if you design your home around your needs, then you will always love the idea of coming back to it from even the farthest corner of the world. Why? Simply because there is no other place like home!

So, with the finest interior designers in Navi Mumbai, let’s explore how you make your home interior design reflect you, your personality and your style. Here, what we need to consider is:

  • Do you have a modern outlook or got a traditional bent of mind?

The furniture of your house should completely depend on your outlook. Do you prefer contemporary with clean lines and minimalism or would you prefer traditional ornamentation and panelling? Here, the choice is completely on you – drapes, carpets, or upholstery – you choose it.

  • How often do you entertain?

If you like to entertain and have guests over a lot of times, then design an open home plan to suit your personality. Always consider the flow of spaces in your home. Have intimate seating and cosy nooks but don’t forget open hanging-out spaces. All this makes sure that it all comes together perfectly.

  • Who are the people in your house – Kids or elderly?

Your home interiors should definitely consider the people living in it. It should be according to the tiny tots or the elderly or maybe both. Choose colours, furniture and décor that match the preferences of all. After all, it’s everyone’s house. But make sure it goes all along well.

  • What colours do you prefer?

What colours do you like – vibrant, subtle, pastel, monotonous, or anything else?

This dictates the tone of your house. Some colours can be sensuous while some can bring elegance and calm. And, some colours need to be handled with care to not look tacky.

  • How religious you are or are you not?

If you are a religious one, your prayers should be planned out well in advance.

Do you want a separate room or a secluded corner will suffice?

Here, the best interior designers in Navi Mumbai suggest that the deities should face the right direction and situation in the house.

  • Do you follow any ancient traditions?

Feng shui or Vastu?

Or maybe some other powerful belief dictating the positioning of spaces.

Well, if you believe in any of these traditions, your home interior should definitely be according to it. These thoughts are powerful and create your reality.

  • Are you a pet parent?

If you have furry friends of the four-legged kind, it goes without saying that home interiors must be pet friendly. Here, interior designers in Navi Mumbai always suggest going for quality upholstery to stand the claw and paw test. A dedicated play area can be a good idea too.

Did all this get you thinking? Here, the best interior designers in Navi Mumbai always suggest that you should definitely have your own ideas factored in while designing your home. Do not compromise on anything until and unless you absolutely have to. Your home should reflect you and your personality.


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