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Elements of Interior Design

There is a famous saying that says that “the whole is always more than the sum of its parts”. This saying suits all working fields, but most importantly it suits the field of interior design. Interior designing is all about balancing the various elements of the field in the right proportion. Just like using the right ingredients for your favorite dish, learning about the elements of interior designing can help you become a master of the art. There are many Home Interior Designers in Navi Mumbai and several amazing Interior Designers in Ghatkopar who can help you in these regards and give you all the details about the elements.

The seven most important elements of interior design are Color, form, light, line Pattern, Texture, and Space.

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The color of your room says a lot about you, as it acts as a direct mirror to your personality. It helps to set the whole mood of the room as certain colors deliver certain kinds of messages. Red indicates ‘passion’, blue indicates ‘tranquility’ and a sunny yellow color represents ‘happiness’. There are many Residential Interior Designers in Goregaon who can help you in deciding the best color for your rooms.


The ‘form ’ of your room refers to the shape of it. Everything in this world comes in two distinct forms:

organic forms or abstract shapes and geometric forms which have sharp features, clear lines, and distinct edges. All the furniture in your room and all the decorations help in determining the form of your room. Consulting the Best Residential designer in Andheri can surely help in this matter.


The lighting of any room is extremely important. It helps to set the tone of the room, and lighting affects the mood of the person present in the room at all times. There are many Commercial Interior Designers in Navi Mumbai who can help in selecting the best lighting for your rooms.


Line forms the perimeter around any form or shape. Lines play an important role in interior design. According to experts, horizontal lines create a sense of security whereas vertical lines are bold and expressive in their way. Office Interior Designers in Andheri can help with all these features for your office.


The pattern in any room pops from wallpaper or fabrics, but the other elements, like light, can change the pattern of the room at times. Patterns help in inducing life and motion to space. Many Interior designers in Nerul can help in choosing the right pattern for your room.


Unlike a pattern, the texture is the way an object feels. It is directed by a sense of touch and not just observing the object. The texture of your home is extremely important and Interior Designers in Seawood can help you get the perfect texture for your walls and your floor.


The final element of interior design is space, which can be divided into 2-D and 3-D space. There are many Interior Designers in Navi Mumbai who can help in arranging the space in your room.

Finally, it is best to consult professionals when you are in dire need of interior design as they are the best in providing you with what you need.


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