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Marble Finished Bathroom Design

We are a team of professional interior designers in Mumbai providing service to craft and design the house with quality design. While the other interior designers are very costly and come with lots of additional charges too. But, that’s not the case with Delecon Design Co.. We have the best Interior Designers firms in Mumbai that can handle all the risks and responsibilities during the renovation and styling of the home. The team is dedicated and shows sheer professionalism while carrying out the tasks.

Delecon Design Co. are Corporate Interior Designers in Mumbai that can re-haul the bathroom designs as well. The designing of the bathroom can be for an adult, kid, elder person & the interior designer can help in achieving the same. The professional workers are aware of the terms of size, decor, color, designs of the bathroom and allow you to make a suitable choice. The kid’s bathroom can have low-height cupboards, a low sink, and other aspects like toilet paper within their reach. Likewise, if the bathroom belongs to an elder person, it should have an easy to open and close door, a less slippery floor, and a phone attached to the wall for emergency situations. Hire Interior Designers firms in Mumbai to get the best-in-class designs and organized bathrooms in your house.

An ideal bathroom doesn’t require to be only working but the look also matters a lot. Delecon Design Co. and the team can help in achieving the best quality bathroom designs with talented Corporate Interior Designers in Mumbai. Delecon Design Co. is one such source that can assist you with getting the bathroom inside designers in Mumbai to plan your home. In case you’re searching for an Interior designer in a major and elegant city like Mumbai, think no more and go for Delecon Design Co. Interiors designers. Get in touch with the team and discuss the requirements and price quotations. We will make sure to proceed & finish the work like a cakewalk.


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