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Residential Design for Business class people in Mumbai by Rajveer Sharma

It’s said each place speaks. Though not in words, but in vibes of course. The very interior of a house speaks volumes about the people residing as well as their personality to a great extent. With changing lifestyles, a lot has evolved in the field of interior designing too. With the bloom of entrepreneurship and businesses in Mumbai, the needs and requirements of businessmen has also evolved for the best.

Rapidly changing and expanding technologies, culture, and values have greatly influenced one’s living space. However, finding the perfect designer who can snatch the image of your living and work space turning it into reality is the very crux and a task in itself. With so many residential interior designers in Mumbai, picking the best is the need of the hour, especially when it comes to setting exotic houses owned by business classes.

Delecon Design Company –

The destination for business class

Delecon Design Company is one of the top residential interior designers in Mumbai renowned for its state-of-art craftsmanship and decorations. The brainchild of Rajveer Sharma, the design company has earned a lot of loyal customers, all thanks to their professionalism and sincere workmanship.

Best Commercial interior designer in Mumbai

Rajveer Sharma, the owner of Delecon design aims at fine-tuning each living space in addition to offering exquisite refinement to high profile work spaces turning it into a dream come true for the owner. As a renowned residential and best commercial interior designer, the company has offered its service for business class people. This includes working on building the entire interior of high-rise buildings such as plush bungalows and penthouses, commercial space and offices.

Blending creativity with style

As mentioned, with changing time changes the need for humans. And with the advent of technology, one is offered a plethora of amenities that has eased a lot of work. As best interior designers, Delecon Design is counted among the top 10 interior designers in Mumbai who offer renovation blend with modern technology.

Smart House for living in wonderment

Backed by an excellent team of designers and architects, Delecon Design Company aims to be the best interior designers in Mumbai. We blend design with modern technology.

Each of the houses is fitted with smart systems and each electronic item that can be accessed with Wi-Fi. Considering the hectic lifestyle led by businessmen running across to places throughout the day and conducting meetings, the smart house facility helps in turning things easy.
So, whether you are stuck in traffic or coming back after a long journey, the owners can access the AC, television, and other appliances with just a click. Our smart home amenity offers a perfect remedy for every entrepreneur who loves to live life in leisure.

Using proper color schemes and designing

As well-known best commercial interior designers, Rajveer Sharma has redefined lifestyle with his unmatched creativity knowing how to pump in aesthetic touch to his projects. Plush houses, along with colors, lightings play an essential role. The right combination of colors, lightings and posh wooden floorings, each aids a separate essence to the entire space.

Planning with immaculate proficiency

Having planned the entire interior with immaculate proficiency, bringing out the best output is the very crux of Delecon Design. Exclusivity is the prime criteria when refining the interiors for high-class clients. With over 100 portfolios to boast off in the kitty, Rajveer Sharma has grown on to develop his name and fame as top residential interior designers and a renowned name amongst his high-profile clients.

Exquisite interior design materials

High class interior design is purely about using the most refined material. Guaranteeing exclusivity in all our projects, we as top residential interior designers in Mumbai make use of expensive materials like veneer and Italian marble that gives a sense of aristocracy wherever it is carved, whether home or office. In addition, we ensure to use the best of accessories including antique artifacts, both classic and aesthetic Italian series of sofa for your office and commercial space.


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