Colors play an integral role in connecting our brain waves. It is known to impact our mood as well as aid to channelize our energies. So if you are seeing a lot of red and orange in your bedroom and feeling blue about your restroom, then it surely has a deeper inclination with the interior décor of your space. Research has proven that colors have a deeper connection to triggering emotions and so does the color which you have chosen for your interiors. Furthermore, if you are constantly surrounded by a certain kind of color in the longer run, it will go on to impact your mind, affect your thinking process, build concentration as well as even your digestion.
Moving ahead, let’s elucidate the term color and gain a deeper sense of thought into it.

Color can be defined as an element which is created when a certain object is hit by light and the same gets reflected into our eyes. Usually, an individual is known to interpret color in three manners. These are:

  • Impression where we let the color sooth us visually
  • Expression where it triggers an emotional response
  • Construction where it builds our culture

However, it’s the compilation and blending of these three components is what makes the use of color effective thereby creating a meaning.
Well, have you ever put a thought or for that matter pondered why do you tend to feel relaxed when in a natural surrounding? The answer lies in the studies conducted surrounding reading colors. And this study reveals that colors that we are surrounded by lay an impact on our health, especially mental health. Let’s understand this with the help of an example: The tones of green has a soothing and tranquilizing effect on our mind. While the yellow color can brighten our day. This is what is called positive effects of color on our psyche. And this is what is color therapy. Color therapy utilizes colors as a tool to enhance our mental health. In this therapy, the seven spectra of colors which includes Orange, Red, Blue, Violet, Green, Yellow, and Indigo each leaving out different energies corresponding to the seven chakras of our body. Color therapy is considered a sound way which aims us in gaining good health wherein we are aided to achieve a balance in between the colors.

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What makes color therapy important?

To understand the impact of color, a study was conducted by Deluxe, who are specialists in paints. The study uncovered that color not only impacts one’s mood but also aid in creating a healing impact. Not only can they be applied in the medical environment but also other surroundings such as business and residential interiors to enhance stress and heal you internally.

Incorporating Color Therapy in Interior Designing

Application of color therapy in interiors includes the use of both synthetic and natural light in addition to adding colors using other effective techniques. This includes art, wallpaper, painting and much more. However, natural light is often preferred over synthetic light as sunlight is supposed to be a combination of energy wavelengths in a spectrum. However, on the absence of natural light, synthetic light does make a good alternative.
Further, we would look through the seven energy forms of colors set in a spectrum. This is necessary to gain an in-depth understanding and grasp of how the seven energy wavelengths combine to form an impactful impression on our mind. We would follow the VIBGYOR pattern of the rainbow to know about it:

‘V’ for Violet – Violets are supposed to have a calming effect and are related to purifying energy. It is said to raise one’s awareness
‘I’ for Indigo – Indigo has an intuitive aura to it that helps to calm and sedate the body and mind.
‘B’ for Blue – Blue is supposed to have a calm and healing aura surrounding it.
‘G’ for Green – Related to the color of nature, the color green is known to strike a perfect balance between the two worlds of mind and body. It is related to tolerance and creates a deeper connect thereby harmonizing our soul.
‘Y’ for Yellow – Yellow aids in rising our mental activeness, makes us alert and also boosts confidence.
‘O’ for Orange – The energy or vibe that one experiences from Orange color is that of warmth and energizing that tends to also stimulate our creative mind.
‘R’ for Red – The Aura of Red in color therapy assists in stimulating us emotionally and mentally.

The primary aspect to look into when one incorporates color therapy in their environment, commercial or domestic field should be in tandem to the one experienced by the client or what they would like to experience. And to achieve this balance, different colors are used in varied areas and rooms in a surrounding to turn it impactful.


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