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This is not a secret and even the best Professional Interior Designer in Mumbai knows that the right furniture has the potential to transform any living space. The Residential Interior Designer in Thane finds out the right furniture that speaks about your aesthetic design and that which matches your personality. If you are looking for someone interesting ideas for your home or office furniture then the Interior Designers in Malad has you covered.

Natural Materials

The Best Residential Interior Designer in Thane makes use of natural materials in their furniture. They use organic and new materials that have now become a part of the design in most modern homes. The Top Interior Designers in Mumbai have embraced this shift in demand to offer furniture that is made keeping the environment in mind.

French Modern Design

The French design in furniture is also a hit among the Professional Interior Designer in Thane. The Best Interior Designers in Malad has incorporated this trend. The rounded shape of the upholstery, the use of the cane in the wooden furniture pieces, and the killer shapes of the accessories and mirrors make this furniture to stand out.

Interior Designers in thane

Eco-Friendly Furniture

For those who are environmentally conscious and wish to include sustainable furniture, make sure to get in touch with the right interior designers to incorporate it for you. Eco-friendly furniture is here to stay and the furniture interior designers are getting creative with materials like bamboo and concrete. They use them to make eye-catching pieces that inspire your home as well as the environment.

Painted Garden Furniture

These are pretty and these are back in design. The furniture stands out because of its graceful and bolder style. The delicately painted furniture does add a world of charm to your rooms.

Sculptured Furniture

Antique and rare furniture never goes out of style and this is what the sculptured furniture stands out for. These are pieces that are timeless and do not fail to create a sculptural moment. Made using organic fabrics and textural fabrics, the furniture is perfect for those who are looking some something unique in their furniture. This furniture is a killer because of its sustainability and eco friendliness.

Furniture made of Textured Accents

Texture in the furniture is something that is in trend today and Delecon Design Company uses this lot in their designs. Their texture designs are here to stay. From metal grills, caning accents to shattered glass you can see all of these in the new furniture pieces today. These textures help to create a visual statement. The interior designers come up with such interesting visual elements.

Details that are inspired by Europe

The European detailed furniture is trending and these too are popular in the interiors designed by the Delecon Design Company. This furniture has Italian and German influence with metal legs, knife-edge welts, and much more. This furniture is traditional but offers a modern twist. The eye-striking European silhouettes and its features give them a unique look.


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