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Wow Factors of Interior

Homes are not only for the living, but the classy interiors of a home can be a great thing to show off and be proud of. Every home is different, as all of them have features that are different from one another. To make your home extra special, or to give it a ‘wow’ factor, certain special elements must be added to it. These features can make your home stand out from the rest. There are many Professional Interior Designers in Mumbai and many amazing Residential Designers in Mumbai who can help you add that wow factor to your home.

Here are some of how you can add in that extra ‘wow’ factor in your rooms:

Add Some Bold colors

Adding a pop of bold colors into your room can make it a lot more special than anyone. There are hundreds of colors for you to choose from, and mixing those colors can give it the creative kick it deserves. You can consult the Best Interior Designer in Mumbai to talk about your options.

Add Some Bold Patterns

Bold, graphic patterns are a great way to design your room in a way that will grab the attention of the visitors. Multicolored floral patterns are on the rise but you can choose any kind of bold pattern to
adorn your room. Talking to an Interior Designer in Mumbai can help.

Decide the Focal point

Every room should have one focal point, which can be a piece of art, appliance, or even architecture. The Best Residential Interior Designer in Mumbai can help in deciding and decorating that focal point.

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Make sure to add some quality items in your rooms to give it an added ‘wow’ factor. Cheap and unattractive items do not grab positive attention, therefore, practical quality items should be the ones you add to your room. The Best Interior Designer in Mumbai can help get the perfect items for your room.

Add Some Pieces of Architecture

Some great pieces of architectural moldings can give your room an exquisite appeal. You can choose between crown molding, chair rails, or plate rails for your room. There are many Interior Designers in Malad who can get the best architectural moldings for your room.


Lighting is an extremely important factor in any room and Residential Interior Designers in Kharghar can help with getting the perfect mood lighting for any kind of room.


The texture of the room is essential to its appeal. Sleek metal, soft velvets, and fluffy pillows can make the texture of your room more appealing. Residential Interior Designers in Vashi can get the best materials and decide the proper texture for your rooms.

Unique Elements

Adding some unique or one of a kind elements can bring extra zest to your rooms. Residential Interior Designers in Chembur can help with that.

Adding some Large accessories

Large accessories can make a room stand out, given that they go with the look of the room. Residential Interior Designers in Kharghar can help in getting such unique and large items for your room.


Having some high-tech machines like the latest television set, remote control, etc. in your room can make it look out of the box for your visitors.


You can also use items that you think are special for you, or you can mix and match and create the perfect room for yourself and your guests.


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