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Aspects of Home Decoration And Home Art

Want to make your house look aesthetically appealing? One best way to uplift the look and feel of your home is to incorporate creative and beautiful artwork into the house. You can contact the Interior Designers in Mumbai for the same. These professionals are skilled enough to choose the right artwork to suit the décor of your house. Let’s move further to know things to be kept in mind when selecting art for your home.

Power of colors

Incorporating the artwork pieces going well with the interiors is the key! You can either play with the contrasts or can go all out by playing with the colors of your furniture. It is all about personalizing your space.

Therefore, it is always better to invest in paintings that have the potential to create an eye-catching contrast against your wall colors. For instance, if you have placed simple-designed furniture in a room then you can opt for a modern or abstract painting to enhance the theme.

Select art holding the appropriate meaning for each space:

Adding art to your space is much more than just hanging up a print gifted by
someone! Residential Interior Designers in Mumbai always choose the pieces that speak to you and evoke the right emotions. For instance, if you want tranquility when sleeping in your room then you can choose a centerpiece of waves on a scheduled beach that calms your mind after a long office day. On the other hand, you can choose paintings that are cheerful and youthful for the kids’ room.

Use good lighting to show your art:

Adding a lovely painting to your room is of no use if good lighting is not used to showcase it. It is good lighting that enhances the effects of art pieces. Efficient planning for track lights or ceiling lights can help enhance the artwork.

Size of the artwork:

According to the Best Interior Designers in Mumbai, it is important to choose the ideal-sized artwork for your room. For instance, a large-sized painting can overwhelm the room. A quick tip that you should bear in mind when selecting the artwork is to go with the painting three-fourths the width of the furniture placed in a room. Hen in dilemma just goes with your instinct! You can use one large painting in place of several small paintings. Just make sure that the chosen artworks follow a central theme.

Install the artwork right:

Hanging a painting too high or too low can take away the impact of your artwork. You will not want to bend your head or crane your neck to see the painting. It is the eye level at which the center of the painting should be. In case there are several paintings clustered together, then you need to work the composition centered around your eye level.

Summing Up

Art has the power to change people’s moods and mindsets, and also elevate lives in
several ways. Remember to not hurry when picking art pieces for the home!
The Best Residential Interior Designers in Mumbai will first evaluate your home’s
interior and then suggest you the right artwork for enhancing the same.


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